Lloyds Bank implementing 5-day week


Lloyds Bank implementing 5-day week

In an experiment that is likely to provide hope to many Americans, Lloyds Bank announced in December that it would implement a five-day week. The initiative will not significantly reduce the bank’s pay, but…

US warned over 'unexpected changes' to Taiwan policy


US warned over ‘unexpected changes’ to Taiwan policy

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The two countries have been rivals since China’s Nationalist fled to Taiwan in 1949 China has warned the United States to “calm down” and said that any change in…

Is there a new Renaissance for engineers?


Is there a new Renaissance for engineers?

Photo I saw my first “ergonomical” engineering project in a Harvard Engineering and Applied Sciences undergraduate capstone class. It was performed on a crackling piece of graphite, an object as unglued as a shellac…


Deadly viruses may have been found in old lab

Our sister site, CODEWIRE, has learned that sealed vials containing a deadly human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) were among the old microfilm boxes examined by a forensic scientist who was called in by the Centers…